Player Code of Conduct and Commitment

  • All players will follow the guidelines set forth for the team and the Baseball U | PA program.

  • You are committed to the Baseball U | PA Travel Team for the duration of the team’s season. You are not allowed to be on another team’s roster unless you have obtained approval from the General Manager of Baseball U | PA.

  • Refrain from unsportsmanlike gestures, talk, language, or profanity. Taunting players from the opposing team is prohibited.

  • All players will show respect towards the umpires and their decisions. All decisions made by the umpires are to be accepted as final. No player should argue a call or judgment. Only the Manager and/or Coach should be questioning calls and judgments.

  • No team member shall throw his bat, helmet, glove or any object on or off the playing field at any time. Disciplinary action will be taken for such actions.

  • The Baseball U | PA Travel Baseball Program reserves the right to release any player from the team for poor sportsmanship by the player and/or the player’s family during games or • for other reasons to include but are not limited to lack of cooperation, poor attitude, lack of commitment, effort or attendance.

  • Accept the coaches’ decision regarding playing positions and the amount of playing time. There are no guarantees for equal playing time or position.

  • Hats must be worn properly and all jerseys must be tucked in at all times. Hats must be taken off when going inside a building.

Parent Code of Conduct and Commitment

  • Refrain from giving the children instructions during the game - allow the coaches to manage the team and game.

  • Do not enter the dugout or other team specific areas unless asked by the coaching staff.

  • Get your child to practice and games on time.

  • Help your child work toward skill improvement and good sportsmanship in every game.

  • Do not ridicule or yell at your child for making a mistake. Give him/her positive reinforcement that they will make the play next time.

  • Accept the umpire’s decision as final and respect the fact that they also make mistakes.

  • Do not speak negatively to any other teams, coaches, or programs including Baseball U PA.

  • If you have a problem/conflict with the Manager or Coaches, do not approach them during or after a game. Call the owner to discuss or set up a meeting.

  • Accept the coaches’ decision regarding playing positions and the amount of playing time. I understand that  this is a Travel Team and there are no guarantees for equal playing time or position.

  • Understand and acknowledge that the registration payment is non-refundable. If a child is dismissed or voluntarily leaves Baseball U | PA, the parents are not entitled to a refund and all monies are forfeited.

Coaches Code of Conduct and Commitment

  • A Coach will maintain disciplinary control of their players at all times that they are under their jurisdiction.

  • The Coach will address the Umpire(s) in a respectful manner and accept all judgment calls as final.

  • Coaches will conduct themselves in a respectful manner when addressing opposing players, coaches, umpires and spectators.

  • Will maintain control of the spectators without denying the spectators their rights to sportsmanlike conduct such as cheering, shouted comments, etc., as long as these actions do not become derogatory, abusive or defamatory in nature.

  • Will make certain that their players observe all the rules of good sportsmanship at all times avoiding bickering with umpires, unsportsmanlike “riding” of opponents, and any unnecessary rough play that is likely to cause injury.

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