To provide the most elite training, quality practices, rigorous competition, and college and professional exposure alike. To prepare our players for the next level (junior high, junior varsity, varsity, college, and/or professional). To teach our players the importance of hard work, respect, responsibility, dedication, friendship, and service to our community through volunteer and community service projects.


Baseball U PA began in 2005 as Scranton Miners Baseball and was formed by Robby Judge with the purpose of getting more playing time for the serious baseball player. In December 2012 the Scranton Miners partnered with Baseball U and in 2016 Michael Guy took over the everyday operations of Scranton Miners LLC (Baseball U PA).

Baseball U has helped over 600 players earn millions of dollars in scholarship money and has had 96 players drafted, including 9 in the first round, in Major League Baseball’s draft since 2006.

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